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Second Village open!
It built on about 700 meters far from First Village

1st Churaumi-Village!
Surely, you can stay in a whole building.

About 5 minutes by car.

Access is easy to go to Churaumi-Aquarium, Bise-Fukugi-Namiki, Kouri-island.

Do you know? the Biggest fish tank of Churaumi-Aquarium, You can look most beautiful in the early morning.

And Bise-Fukugi keep old style in Okinawa. It is popular to walk this beach-side in the early morning.

Our Churaumi-Village give you easy to access to may spot like "Motobu-Genki-Village","Emerald Beach",
"Sesoko-Island beach" about 5 minutes by car.
"Kouri Island" the popular and most beautiful island, you can go only 30 minutes by car.
Play BBQ in dinner, Walk beach side in early morning, let's past quality time.


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1st Village
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1st Village
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1st Village
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2nd Village
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2nd Village
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2nd Village
  • The amount stated on the above display is the charge for one adult. (tax included)(It is half price for adults after the fourth person.)
  • High school students and junior high school students are half price (only when two or more adults are accompanied)
  • Primary school students and infants are uniformly 1,000 yen / person. (If infant and futon is unnecessary, half price)
  • Adults: more 18 age.
  • Infant: under 5 age.
  • <About Ocean Expo Park summer festival>
    Fixed up to 5 adults.
    Customers over 6 adults will incur an additional charge of 3,000 yen / person.
    We recommend you to use it with a large number of people, but please understand beforehand that it may not be possible to offer futons to everyone depending on the situation.
    ※Glamping is not a fixed price.
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  • ※ There is a time lag of about one day. Please note.
About Busy season (summer, GW, SW, New Year's holidays)
We accept reservations with priority over 2 nights, with priority.
If you wish to stay over night, it is possible to reserve it about 1 month in advance.
GW 2019/4/27 ~ 2019/5/5
summer 2019/7/13 ~ 2019/8/31
SW 2019/9/13 ~ 2019/9/16
2019/9/20 ~ 2019/9/23
New Year's holidays 2019/12/28 ~ 2020/1/3
If you can not obtain the information necessary for the reservation, cancel the reservation.
Details are stated in the mail at the time of reservation.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the reservation,
you have to pay cancellation charge as bellow.
Not stay or not comming with no contact 100% of the room charge
The day 100% of the room charge
The day before 80% of the room charge
From 7 days ago 50% of the room charge
From 30 days ago 20% of the room charge
From 60 days ago
(High Season)
※ This cancellation policy will occur in the Summer Season(2019/7/13 ~ 2019/8/31),
or Firework festival in Ocean Expo Park
or GW(Late April - early May)
or SW(Late September)
or New Year's Holiday
10% of the room charge

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Up to the 2nd person, we will prepare bedding in bed.
For the third person and later, we will prepare bedding with futon.
* In case all futon is desired, please contact us by the day before the staying date.
(Since the offer on the day will be an emergency response, a fee will be charged.)

※ You can check the images of Breakfast form here.

※ About charcoal, We will give you about 3 kg. If you need more over, It will be charge addition fees.
※ You can check the images of Dinner form here.
Churaumi Aquarium Ticket

    ・Adult 1,650 yen per person
    ・HighSchoolStudent 1,110 yen per person
    ・MiddleSchoolStudent 550 yen per person
    ・Child 550 yen per person
    ・Baby is free.
If you have any question,
please let us know.

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(If you wait over 3 days and you can not receive any reply, Please call us by phone.)
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For some reason,If you can't receive our e-mail, the reservation will be failure.
Then, Please let us konw directry to our e-mail as bellow.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for always using Churaumi-Village
So many thanks


Past the slowly time with quiet natural place.

Thank you for your support for us, We can greet 3th anniversary.

「Absolutely it is better than hotels!」
「This is best place in all of staying until now!」
「I should have continuous stay over 2 nights!」

We were running 365 days, but the power is created by all the customers whose give us kindly voice.
Sometimes we are cause you trouble, but each and every time, we go back to our basics.
We owe what we are today to you, further everyone is able to stay comfortable, we will continue to devote.

・Rakuten Travel … Total rankning in Okinawa 4th place.
・Jalan.net       … Total hotel ranking in Okinawa 3th place.
・Booking.com … Customer Voice Award in 2014

Thank you very much.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

This is the most big aquarium in Japan.You can not go home without looking at it.

Bise Fukugi Namiki

Taking a walk in the early morning is a very pleasant place. You can also buzz water buffalo ♪


Actually it is a sight not well known. At low tide, even the youngest children are the best playground spots where you can watch cake and fish.

Kouri Island

Located 30 minutes by car, it is the most beautiful island from Okinawa main island. I will definitely go back and see the great scenery I can only see here.

You can stay in a whole building.
Under the fully starry sky, after the BBQ, handheld fireworks.
Why do not you join by your family once in a while?

Select from 5 house type.

Regular Type

The most reasonable room.
Do not care about time with colleagues who came to know
Please enjoy the group.

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Extra Type &
Extra Wood Deck Type

In a wider living room and tatami room
You can relax.

more >>
Regular Type of Secound Village

Regular type up a notch completed in June 2016
We realized everything the village aimed for here.

more >>
Extra Type of 2nd Village

The highest-class room. You can spare luxurious time.

more >>

Make it plenty, play!
in the Churaumi-Village.

Our Services

BBQ in your private garden.

If you need, You can rent BBQ grill and charcoal.
Please let us know when you reserve.
Enjoy the conversation with your family or friend.

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Shellwork in your room

With shells gathered on nearby beaches, you can make works of photo frame and memories.
If you like what you made, you can take it as it is!br/>

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Night tour

The hotel staff will guide you to a hard night.
Expecting the growth of children by night exploration! What?
During the opening period: April to October

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Snorkel & Diving in Mina Island

You can find the island from Motobu Town.
You can play snorkel and easy diving.
Experience the most beautiful island!

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